User Features of Software


Vobbie dating software has the feature called mail box. It has a dialogue-like contact center for instant messaging. The best user-interface and better possibility to start new conversations are present. The other facilities are auto-complete suggestions, send-to list, etc.….

Photo upload

The Vobbie dating program offers a customizable limit for uploaded picture and there is an easy preview option. In addition, the facility to upload private photos that can be protected by password and also watermark support are available.

Video sharing

When you are planning for a date, there are chances that you will be interested in sharing videos with your future partner. So, we provide the feature of sharing of videos for social networking sites and video sharing sites like YouTube, Myspace, Metacafe, etc.….

Audio/video profile

Vobbie provides the facility to record and upload audio/video profile to the users right through their web camera itself. This prevents the users from searching for a video recorder as they can get one immediately.


If you wish to express your interest to your future partner, it can be done through blogs. So, the Vobbie offers the feature of posting multiple blogs and it also provides the list of latest blogs you have posted.

Social Media Integration

With the increasing number of people showing interest towards social networking, you can find that this software has the facility to share your blog content through different social networking sites like Google Plus, Twitter, etc.….

Music upload

Many of us love music and so we offer the opportunity to upload music files in MP3 format to express your mood via songs. Also, you can get the chance to rate and comment on the music files uploaded by other users.


When you find like-minded people in your network. You can create sub-network in your own network for sharing your affiliations and interests. Also, in this program, you can find a group image upload facility as well.

Photo albums

Lets members sort their photos to albums by certain preferences. Customizable limit for a number of photos per album. Possibility to password-protect albums


As a professional dating software, Vobbie offers the facility to engage in discussion with other users via the forums. Even, the facility to add pictures and attach files to forum posts is provided and users are allowed to send private messages as well.

Invite a friend

When everything can be customized like sending invitations to friends, email, invitation limit and lifetime of the invitation, it can be a great facility to the users of this dating software.


Member reports

The Vobbie dating software always provide the opportunity to the users to report when they find some inappropriate content, which is important to protect themselves.


Generally, we bookmark some websites with useful content and this is why Vobbie provide the facility to bookmark when you come across a noteworthy profile.

Music player

When you are chatting with your future dating partner, you should be in a good mood. This is why Vobbie provides the facility to embed your favorite codes from popular music sharing resources.


The Vobbie software has the WISIWYG editor for turning the process of blog creation to be intuitive and user-friendly.

Profile search

You can search for particular person either by using a keyword, username, country, city, zip code or by distance. Also, the program offers the ability to narrow down the search to any geographical location.  Even, ‘refine search’ and advanced search options are available.

Virtual Gift Shop

Gifts always bring happiness and they can also console an individual when he/she is worried. So here, there is a virtual gift shop option for the users to send gifts to others.


When there is going to be an event in your home, you can inform about the same to the other members in the form of photos or descriptions.

Preferences page

Each one of us has our own desires and preferences, this software provides the opportunity to the users to set their preferences.


This is a fresh new feature present only in a few software programs. With this feature, you can tag your photos, blog posts and videos and can also search them by tags.


If you want to prevent a particular member of the dating website from chatting with you or sending messages, or you do not want him/her to view your profile, you can very well block him/her with the block list feature present in Vobbie.

Photo/video/blog Rate

When we view some photos, videos or content that is highly impressive, we wish to give a rate for it and these ratings are possible in Vobbie.

Send profile to a friend

When you come across some profiles and find that one or two of them is impressive, you can recommend them to  your friend by sending profile links through email.


Matchmaking is highly possible, when you become a user of Vobbie, as you can receive the matching profiles to your mail directly.

Send Friend Request

When you like one or two profiles and think that these people have the same type of interests like you,  just send a friend request to them and turn them to be your friends if they accept your request.

Advance search

With advance search feature, you can search for people based on their interest and this feature as the name implies makes the search much easier.

Site Features of Software

Google Maps Integration

The best dating site will have the google map integration and this will provide a visual representation of online visitors. Also, it can show the distance between profiles, thereby location-based dating is possible.

Free registration or by-invitation-only

Check whether the site offers free registration service. Some sites offer both free registration and registration through invitation as well. Both can be useful, however, the former will be easier.

Custom pages

Once you are registered with the site, you will be provided with the opportunity to create custom pages right through the administration panel itself as per your tastes and preferences.

Site Security

The best protection of your personal information should be ensured. So, the site should have extensive mail settings and it should have a database of blocked IP addresses as well.


The best site has a page for activity streaming, which will display updates on the members’ activities and their statuses. It will enable the members to comment on the activities of other users.

Customizable Splash Screen

You can add a splash screen to your site for greeting the members or for giving them crucial information on website entrance. This will make your website more attractive for visitors.

Distributed contact form

There will be email-implicit contact form with the help of which you can add different mails for various departments like billing, finance, support, etc.…

Multiple languages

The convenient interface present on this site can make the working with site languages simple and faster. You can add new languages easily right from your admin panel without any file work or programming.

Advanced 'Who is online' list

If you are a man looking for a woman or a lady looking for a man, you can make use of the advanced ‘who is online’ list for searching the members by their gender.

Links page

Link exchange pages can be easily managed as they can be classified under different sections. If you want to send some specific links to some friends, you can do it easily.

Profile lists

If you wish to see the profiles of people from specific gender alone, it can be done easily. You can also find the list of new members, online members, etc.…


Better visibility to your site can be given by placing a custom slideshow on the Index page. Additional facilities like selection of particular pictures and moving components to certain position can be attained.


The best dating site will have a pre-defined list of bad words and there will be an Automatic BadWords Filter for moderating abusive languages. So, nobody can use abusive words.


Once you register yourself in the best dating site, you can visit the administration panel and can make the necessary changes like menu items can be bespoked as per your interest.


For making sure that only yourself or your friends, who know your username and password is making use of  your account, there will be captcha to avoid auto SignUp attempts.

Hash & Salt user passwords

You can be assured that your user name, password and the personal details will not be hacked as the best dating sites generally stores these crucial data as encrypted symbols.

Administrator Features of Software

Site Setting

The site setting feature can provide the administrators with the ability to adjust setting on their site as per their requirement. The best dating sites, steadily add different facilities under this category.

Manage User

If you are an administrator, the best dating site provides complete control over your users. With this feature, you can easily edit, delete, suspend or even restore photos and accounts.

User Mailbox

The user mailbox feature provided to the administrators will show all the incoming, outgoing and deleted messages. It will be easier to use as it will just look like fundamental web e-mail.

Manage Body Type

Under this feature, the administrator can find members based on their body type. For instance, if a man wants to date with a slim woman, the administrator can make his search accordingly.

Manage Drink

This feature provides easy-to-use overview of beverages taken by members and it can also give the administrator an insight of your blood alcohol.  

Manage Ethnicity

Under this feature, the users can effectively can establish connection with only those users, who comes under their same ethnicity and the administer can get control here.

Manage Education

If a user wishes to establish relationships and bring only people with a certain level of education in your group, it can be done accordingly by the administrator.

Manage Eye Color

When a user looks for a man or a woman with a particular eye color, the profiles can be accordingly filtered for making the selection easier.


Manage Income

Does a member look for a friend or spouse with some level of regular income, as the administrator, you can just filter only those profiles that rightly match the requirement of the user.

Manage Language

The best dating software will provide the opportunity to the administrators to get multi-language support. With this feature, they can edit the language of their website.

Manage All Video

In addition to getting the facility to record multiple audio and video files to the users, the administrators can get the feature of effective management of all the videos uploaded by members.

Manage Music

Not only the members are provided with the facility to upload their favorite music files. But, the administrator can also manage the files in an effective manner.


Manage Blog

Blogs are the best sources for expressing the thoughts and desires to others. The members can create any number of blogs and the administer can manage them in the best possible manner.

Manage Photo

The administrators can make their website a safe place for dating with the best software. This tool helps them to check whether the uploaded pictures actually belong to the members.

Manage CMS Pages

This feature provides the opportunity to add new pages to the site. It is not essential that there should be HTML knowledge as this job can be done easily.

Manage Comments

The administrator can choose whether to automatically approve the comments given by members or they can be approved by moderators. This will ensure that unwanted comments need not be posted.

Manage All News

If the administrator wants to add some latest news, he can just add and save them to appear on the site. No need to edit HTML files for posting news.

Manage Gift Center

There is a virtual gift shop available for the members and they can use it for congratulating the other members. The administrator can manage this gift center efficiently.

Manage Facebook like news feed

The dating site has a Facebook-style Newsfeed activity stream that shows about the statuses of other members and this feature can be effectively managed by the administrator.

Manage Reports

As the members are provided with the facility to report on inappropriate content, the administrator can manage these reports for finding whether they are original and not fake before publishing them.

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Whats New

Advance search

With advance search feature, you can search for people based on their interest and this feature as the name implies makes the search much easier.

Send Friend Request

When you like one or two profiles and think that these people have the same type of interests like you,  just send a friend request to them and turn them to be your friends if they accept your request.

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