What is vobbie ?
Vobbie is a unique software that helps users to create website on the fly with some predefined templates. An online software that can suit the needs of a variety of sites that provide dating, personals, and matchmaking-oriented services.
How much can I make with a dating website ?
The amount you make will be determined by the number of members you have, Imagine if you have only 10 new paying members daily and you charge $19.99 monthly access fee, in 30 days your website will have earned $5985, remember the same member will be automatically billed the next month and you still get new members joining daily. The money making opportunities are endless
How soon is my website set up ?
Your website can be set up in as early as 48hrs.We recommend you use our installation service. Please contact support @ for more details.
Do I need a domain name ?
Yes you need a domain name for your new dating site, domain names can be acquired for as low as $1 through some registrars. We recommend
Does it matter where I register a domain name?
No, you can register your domain name at any domain registration company of your choice. You do not have to register your domain name through us. However we prefer
Where can I host my new website ?
A web hosting service is required to host your new website. There are several of them out there but we strongly recommend have a great support and their prices are quite reasonable.
How much input will I have for the site i.e. home page, content, copy, keywords?
You will provide the text that will be written on the homepage which you can also edit.The about us page,terms and privacy pages can be controlled by you from the admin control panel. You can set the keywords yourself from the admin control panel. The software is easy to use as it is user friendly
Do I determine the level of membership and the price?
Yes you will set the price and features available for each membership level.
Is a website control panel/site manager available with my website?
Yes absolutely, the software includes a feature rich and very user friendly control panel/site manager. This feature enables you to manage your entire site with ease. You will also be able to set-up your email accounts through your hosting company, view detailed traffic statistics, and perform various other admin tasks with the click of a button.
How do I get people to sign up?
You can do both online and offline to get registered users. There are a lot of ways to do it for free, You can post on Facebook, twitter, MySpace, online forums, blogs and several online platforms. You can also place classified adverts in various newspapers. If you need more information regarding this please contact support
How do I set up once I am given the software?
To get your website live on the internet, you will need an expert to help you install the software on your hosting server. This can be done by any web developer.However, if you want it professionally installed by our team of experts,a small fee of $79.99 per install will be required.Contact us for more details.
How will payment occur on our dating website
Payment will occur via credit card system of your choice, Paypal,, are most common.The payment systems can be integrated into your new website. Our software can also support most payment processors.
OK ! After payment what next
Once your payment is verified, you will receive a downloadable copy of the software via email within a few hours of payment .You will require the services of a competent programmer to help you install the software on your web hosting server. If you are not sure of how to get this done, please email for assistance.

We Always Try to Create a Difference

So why go with any other software ? We have the team, experience and the tools to turn your idea into something you can be proud of. Your visitors and customers will love it too. It’s a no brainer! We encourage you to grab a copy of the software today.

Why Choose Us

Our dating software is flexible
We put you in control
Friendly, personable service
We provide competitive Pricing
You get a great design AND a sophisticated website
We take full advantage of today’s technology
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Whats New

Advance search

With advance search feature, you can search for people based on their interest and this feature as the name implies makes the search much easier.

Send Friend Request

When you like one or two profiles and think that these people have the same type of interests like you,  just send a friend request to them and turn them to be your friends if they accept your request.

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